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A Barnard Castle company helps robot mission to Mars

January 16, 2020

BARNARD Castle business is currently playing its role. Honeyman Group was providing training for pros Europe’s largest ever assignment. Honeyman Group, that affirms both the medicals, biotech and pharmaceutical industry, was helping contamination is avoided by scientists.

The European Space Research and Technology Centre, that’s the European Space Agency development and evaluation center for space and space craft technology, hailed as the practice as playing a significant part.

At an letter to Honeyman Group,” Alan Dowson, a laboratory manager at the space agency’s center, said”Though the planetary security class supplied by European Space Agency adopts more detail on pollution levels and process of certain assignments, the course and experience I’ve learned from the classes at Honeyman are passed on to engineers from industry across Europe as they have are come to make utilize of our centre.

“We have been a portion of this dilemna along with your organization [Honeyman] has played its role making certain we do not embarrass Mars.”He explained the relevant skills were executed at the ISO1 clean-room that sterilises cleanses and packs distance parachutes and ExoMars flight version tools of the centre.Will hunt for past life on Mars with a robot, that’ll soon be established.