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Daily Usage and Consumption charges of water in Durham

July 21, 2019
durham water meter

Lake Michie (built-in 1926) and the River Reservoir (built-in 1988) are the two primary sources of Durham’s drinking and tap water are surface water-based and comes from these lakes.
Sanitary sewage usage fees and water ingestion are meant on just how much water you’re using. Consumption of water is measured by the meter linked to the consumer’s water Pipeline. It’s the gap between your scanning utilized for also a reading that is present and the bill. In case there is your reading not obtained, consumption might be calculated.

river reservoir
river reservoir

Service fees

Service charges are charged on a flat rate basis. They regain the costs of providing water and sanitary sewer providers. These charges are charged even though no water can be used.

Water consumption

The current year’s rate for water multiplies the ingestion for the bill.
Revenue covers from the water intake fee :

Running water source plants.
Keeping up the water supply platform.
Maintaining and managing aging centers.

Sanitary sewer use fee

The speed for sewer of the current year multiplies the usage for your bill.
Revenue by the sewer use cost covers:

  • Running water pollution control plants.
  • Keeping up the sanitary sewer collection technique.
  • Maintaining and treating aging centers.

Water support fee

This fee is dependent upon the magnitude of this water meter. Many residential homes are secured using a typical (17 or 19 millimeters ) meter. Fire security-related expenses of this water distribution system are retrieved by the water service fee. Hence, the water service fee is much significantly more compared to the sewer service fee.

This cost exceeds the costs :

Supplying fire protection capacity within the water strategy. Installing/maintaining/repairing water yards. Maintaining water service relations, administrative, and billing pursuits.

The water meter registers the quantity of water your household uses. It’s used to figure your water bill. We’ll send you a statement every three weeks.

You may get a meter reading card before the bill. Please make use of this card to telephone from the scanning on the tube. The meter is generally found at the cellar of your home.

Sanitary Sewer Service Charge

The sewer service fee is identical for all clients irrespective of the volume of sewer discharged or the exact magnitude of their water meter. Much like the water service fee, these earnings recover the fixed costs of keeping the sanitary sewer connection. Revenues recover the prices of:

Maintaining service links to the buyer’s belongings. Billing and administrative actions.


Before sending your bill, they’ll send you a meter card. They ask you to just read the water then follow the directions on the map to offer the reading. They request that you learn the volcano three times every year to hold costs as little as feasible. We’ll see it once annually.

water meter
water meter

Is durham NC water Safe to dring ?

This is the most important thing to know and the debates are continuously going whether the water of Durham is safe to drink or not .While the City of Durham Department of Water Management continues to help its neighbors in Orange County with their continuous water crisis; the administration wants to convince Durham water consumers that Durham,s drinking water is safe.

Can be the bill higher than usual?

Reading the tube regularly will be able to assist you in finding leaks, that may lead to high invoices. A leaky flapper valve at the toilet can be just actually a frequent issue. Other regular sources comprise:

  • Faulty outside irrigation systemsWater-softeners Furnace humidifiers.
  • Our escape detection booklet can aid you in finding these issues. Know more about water efficacy at home.

How to Pay Your Bills at Durham

There are many ways to pay your bill:
Billing payments can be made online at the City’s new customer billing and account portal, or at the e-Durham’ official website.

Pay by phone – call 919-560-1200, Option 1

Pay by cash, check, credit card, or electronic draft at the cash counter at City Hall in Durham.

Mail your fee by check or money order with payment stub to this address:
Durham City
P.O. Box – 30041
Durham, NC 27702-3041