UK Passport Office

A Office worker having a sexual interest in kids who uttered 30 photographs of girls from applications has received a jail sentence.

James Close, 36, who worked in Durham Passport Office for 14 years, took the pictures between May and December 2018.January, his home was searched by police and captured three devices comprising over pictures of children.Closeto Shildon,

County Durham, kept the passport photos, of girls aged from eight to 16, in a drawer.The mum of one of the girls whose photo was stolen told the court her relatives felt”violated”.

Judge Jonathan Carroll told me he expected she took some comfort from the fact the image had not been shared by Close, and that police had detected no signs he manipulated the photos he lacked to create depraved pictures.

Closeto that used to work in the Passport Office printing space, admitted three counts of making indecent images of children, one of possessing pictures of children, one of owning also a theft fee and porn.Nigel Soppitt said Close was socially inadequate and had not ever had an adult partnership.

Mr Soppitt said his client could not supply an explanation for stealing the photos, saying”They’re popular with himhe says no more than this.”Sentencing him to 12 months in prison, suspended for 2 decades, Judge Carroll told the defendant he had caused”deep damage to people trust” in the Passport Office.Close was given a curfew and have to sign the sex offenders register.