Teesdale Tourism

Historical links

Teesdale and the monarchy have correlated connections. From the 15th Century Cicely Neville Earl of Westmoreland’s girl, whom dwelt at Raby Castle, was married to Richard Plantaganet. Their union produced two kings of Edward IV England and the Richard III, whose remains discovered at Leicester. Cicely was understood as a consequence of her beauty as’ The Rose of Raby’.

In 1648, during the English Civil War, Teesdale was seen with The Kings Party at August and afterwards from the Season Oliver Cromwell, that allegedly stayed in Blagraves home in Barnard Castle. This trip was listed by a diarist Christopher Sanderson, at that moment. He explained that Oliver Cromwell was met and rode with by a dozen men and punishes him in Blagraves House to The Bank at town, there he’s claimed to have enjoyed a dinner of shortcake along with wine.

Sir Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, the poet Robert Southey and also the critic John Ruskin all remained in Teesdale at the invite of their Morritt family remaining at the Estate home Rokeby Hall, that is located just out Barnard Castle. Charles Dickens remained at Barnard Castle at The Kings Head Hotel, whilst he researched Dotheboy’s Hall at Bowes Village and the boarding schools of this afternoon was utilized within his publication Nicholas Nickleby.

Back in 1812 and 1809 Sir Walter Scott’s visits to Teesdale were the inspiration to get a epic poem of words called’Rokeby’. Joseph Millord William Turner seen Teesdale within his travel’s throughout the North Pennines at 1797 and in 1816. He seen with the palaces of Low-force High-force and Cauldron Snout and remained in Middleton-in-Teesdale.

He captured many perspectives and can be thought to have uncovered that the feeling of air, beauty and lighting of Teesdale inspirational.
Have the Blue Plaque Route to Learn more about Historical characters and relations within Barnard Castle or visit our Collection of Teesdale Tours.

Heritage Open Days

By giving a wealth of chances to research appeals teesdale is headquartered in industrial and cultural tradition and has. Enjoy usage of legacy websites which shut or are charged throughout the Heritage Open Day activities.

The parties have contained access also a guided walks at the Teesdale Mercury paper printing presses, along with also exhibitions on the four afternoon of legacy parties, a glimpse inside to a spa, sea excursions.John Wesley’s preachers seen Teesdale to preach in 1747, the little chapel functioned as the Methodist church at Teesdale and in Newbiggin was started in 1760.

Newbiggin Chapel

Himself, john Wesley visited the chapel. John Wesley’s entire life and activity was listed in a course of this northeast comprising segments through Teesdale, at which you figure out about his teachings in order to are able to follow the footsteps of John Wesley along with service to north-eastern communities. Visits may be made into the inside of this chapel, that will be near to low-force and high-force.

Rokeby Park

Place in close that is amazing to the confluence of Greta and these rivers Tees, Rokeby Park can be a country house that’s offered to people on selected days throughout the summertime.

Your house has a broad set span artworks and furniture along with a exceptional assortment of needlework images. The guest can learn more about the exquisite organized rooms using their ranges of artworks and antiques and marvel at the design and also the orche stucco.

Group guides and visits may be arranged by appointment.

Available by ferry into the floor just as well as the toilets aren’t accessible for wheel chair users.

Barnard Castle

The 12th Castle perched rock high above the river in the middle of the Barnard Castle town is handled by English Heritage and can be tucked away from the primary shopping street on the current market town of Barnard Castle. There are many buildings and rooms to research on the internet webpage for example a stone boar above the window at the ward.

This is the logo of King Richard III that had been owner of this castle. Learn more about the castle, the grounds and marvel at the views.

The broad open spaces create the castle a fantastic trip for families having kids.

The Bowes Museum

Its particular own parkland that is own the and also silver SwanBowes Museum are a’must see’ for many people. The French Chateau that is expansive has been the brain child of both Josephine and John Bowes, who commissioned the construction.

The museum’s many iconic bit is the enchanting automaton of a silver swan. Every evening museum staff winds that the clock work mechanism and the display enthralls people. Along side the groups and exhibitions the museum seeing guides and includes a range of paths.

Seasonal events, special exhibits and workshops have been hosted through the season with a selection of family activities throughout school holidays. As well as course and the outside play area, the memorial produces trip.

Raby Castle

Raby Castle was constructed from the 14th Century and was home to Lord Barnard’s family as 1626.

Combine a specialist and choose a guided excursion to see the magnificent castle insides and marvel in the art groups and realize the joys of a historical kitchen. There’s a garden with a trainer house. Kids place the bull which can be kept surrounding the castle and can play with at the activity area.

Using a café offering enticing homemade snacks and a gift shop, in which you might also buy your house reared Raby Venison, Raby Castle is actually really just a wonderful destination at Teesdale to get a excellent afternoon outside. The castle hosts special events during the year such as also the time, Seasonal Super Markets, and also a Dramatic Show.